Community Centre

The community centre offers a range of community services to the people of Ndejje to bring transformational development.

Services such as a meeting place for local residents, a recreational centre for all ages of society including mother’s union, child welfare, elderly groups, youth, disabled, education centre, library, internet facilities and café, craft workshops and social economic empowerment programmes.

Recently an inclusion programme promoting SIGN LANGUAGE FOR ALL was launched at the centre and will serve the local village by bringing awareness and training in sign language. Ndejje and surrounding communities host a number of hard to hearing people, some of whom being the project carpenters. Its only important that sign language skills can be developed for the hard to hearing and the general community for community inclusion purposes.

The community centre will be used for weekend children play time and a meeting place to share ideas, learn together and grow together. There is no such facility where children can go to play games with their friends and parents or share ice-cream with.

Medical camps will be hosted here and will be able to make full use of the community centre facilities. This will be in the quest to promote public health in the communities.

The centre is now available for use to train Pastors and leaders from across Uganda and other African countries in effective use of Theological Education within their churches, Diocese and other ministry contexts.