SEAN Prison Ministry Outreach Initiatives

Whilst these needs were being met in churches, it became apparent that church line ministries were also being streamlined. Such ministries included Discipleship for Prisons and hard to reach areas. The call was extended for SEAN Uganda TEE ministry to consider extending to prisons. There were different prison ministry teams going from different churches, but most of those reached out to urban ministries but without any materials to leave for inmates to continue growing. Ugandan prisons are open to spiritual programmes like SEAN to be used for spiritual development of inmates. SEAN thus became the first TEE discipleship ministry to reach out to Uganda prisons which is ongoing.

Today, through prison ministry volunteers and with support from our generous friends, SEAN has reached out to Uganda prisons like Jinja, Buwambo, Luzira, Bulawula, Lugazi, Kasangati and many others. By God’s grace, we have witnessed people come to know the Lord through studying the SEAN materials in Ugandan prisons. True Christian change has been registered in some inmates even without receiving any sort of preaching but through weekly interactive SEAN meetings in prisons. We thank God for the opportunity that still remain of sharing the gospel in Uganda prisons.

To date, SEAN Uganda has been invited to open up its discipleship programmed learning in a remand home in Arua. This juveniles prison serves 8 districts of the west-Nile region, but had no discipleship ministry to support the activities in the home aimed at helping juveniles change. As it is, SEAN Uganda is going to be the first TEE discipleship program to be used in the Remand home from March 2020 for Christian Spiritual development. Over 70 boys and 50 girls are going to benefit from this prison ministry initiative only for this year.