Medical Centre

To come to the needs of the Ndejje community, as part of Sean Uganda social responsibility as an NGO with a ministry base, SEAN Uganda TEE ministry has built the Ndejje community Medical Centre.

Based on the Luweero District Annual District Medical Report of 2017, Ndejje is the only community in Luweero that least benefits from government health programmes mainly due to lack of health facilities. According to this report, Ndejje is the third worst affected community with communicable diseases in Luweero District. Even though endowed with seven primary schools, six secondary schools and two vocational institutions, all these rely on Bombo army school for medical services including first aid, thus a need for a medical facility in the community. As it is, the entire community does not have an ambulance but people rely on hired pickup trucks or use friends’ cars in the event of emergency cases.

Certain facilities have to be in place before a village can be classified as a town. It will be in a position to have extra funding from the Government and a Town Council to run it. Although in 2013 Ndejje qualified in its population the health facilities have prevented the Town Council status. The Medical Centre will enable the Town Council status to be pushed forward and so increasing many opportunities that a Town Council can offer, such as the improvement of roads, mains water to the village and more reliable electricity infra structure.

The Medical centre is community based and will offer under grade 3 license, preventative care, promoting an outpatient curative health service, training the community in primary health care services, outreach care, emergency pregnancy services and community ambulance. Lab testing services will be available for such cases like malaria and malaria related tests such as typhoid. Immunisation services, pre- and post-anti natal care, community trainings and medical outreach services and quarterly medical camps focusing on medical areas in dentistry services, correcting optical challenges, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) diagnosis and pediatric services. A dentist surgery is also being established.

We expect to contact various professional volunteers around the world who can team up with medical experts in Uganda to do short-term mission services through this medical facility.