The Programme


  1. The Life to the Full course has enabled me to understand the nature of my sinfulness and the need for daily repentance. Ruranga Martin
  2. I thought I was a Christian but this course (Life to the Full) has helped; me redefine who a true Christian is according to the Bible. Its not about my past but about what Christ has done for me and wants me to change. Olirwoth Brian
  3. This course has helped me develop sense of Christian obedience short of which easily led me to prison due to theft. I regret my actions and thank God for saving me from this. Ogwang Kenneth
  4. My life will never be the same again. I wish I studied this course before. Thank you, God, for reaching out to us in Nkozi. Mutenyi Christopher
  5. I have been helped to realise that we are at war other than the old nature and so I have been taught the importance of daily prayer in overcoming the old nature. Adong Caroline
  6. The SEAN courses have opened my eyes to seeing Gods love even whilst in prison. As this was not taught in my local church. I now see clearly that Christ died specifically for me. Nankya Rossette
  7. I was not a church person but I am glad Church life has been made possible in prison. I pray I can join a church one day to help others with what I have learnt. Ronald Kizito
  8. The SEAN discipleship studies have taught me the true reason for being a Christian and how the Bible is one message about God. I have studied life to the full and pure gold and been blessed with them. Mark Kaliisa
  9. Life in prison was so hard and meaningless until the SEAN course was introduced in our prison cell. I can now see that God allowed me to go to prison so I can be changed. Thank you, SEAN members, for coming to us. Gertrude
  10. I had taken some Bible studies in my first months in prison. The SEAN courses were introduced later. However, the studies are comparable to none so far. I am glad to be leading others to learn twice a week and God is shaping us as we study together. Helen Akello
  11. I grew up Muslim but have come to know Christianity in prison through the SEAN study courses with my friends. I am convinced that Jesus died for me and I have a new life. Abdul Akinyi
  12. I have enjoyed learning about how the Holy Spirit works among Christians I know communicate and relate with the spirit of God better than before. Charles Opio
  13. These studies have challenged me to realise the importance of being part of a good Christian church. I did not have a chance to go to one thus my character was derailed. I thank God I have come to know the truth and will join a church when I get out of prison. Jimmy Kiwanda
  14. Before studying the SEAN courses I did not understand the power of sin and what sin does to a person. SEAN courses have helped me to know more about myself as a Child of God. Thank God I am not a rejected sinner but I am thankful for God’s love. Moses Kimuli