The Programme


The church and the life of the Church mostly depends on the quality of discipleship enshrined in the church. This truth is a great reality in the church in Africa. This is why one writer said that “The church in Africa is 100 miles and an inch deep".

This meant that the church in Africa and particularly in Uganda is visibly seen but arguably needing to take Christian roots. As it is, Discipleship for the Churches in Uganda is such a missing gap in Africa and Uganda. Developing deep roots through discipleship is the only way believers can be enabled bear fruit in Church. Discipleship is the process that facilitates production of Christian Fruit in the life of the disciple of Jesus. Otherwise, it is rather just intellectual or lip service style of Christianity.

This reality is true in many Africa countries and more so in Uganda where we base to serve. However, discipleship in Uganda, as indeed in the entire world, is seen to be more impractical and almost impossible without a deliberate God-centered, Spirit- driven and Christ- Exalting discipleship process.

SEAN Uganda TEE ministry is concerned and pre occupied with the practical issues of Christian discipleship in the Church of Christ in Uganda. This Church could be in any of the following categories. The common grass roots Church known to many as a local Christian congregation, the displaced Church found in refugee Camps, the remote and often neglected Church in the Islands and the Isolated or confined church within the prisons. SEAN Uganda serves to empower discipleship groups in these categories in order for them to bear Christian fruit while they encounter, reflect and live out scripture through their SEAN studies.

It is common knowledge that the trouble with many Christian practice today is found within the fruit bearing process. The link between bible study and Bible living is visible only in the fruit bearing to the glory of God. This fruit bearing within the church is what we do best with the SEAN materials, through programmed learning using our SEAN discipleship materials. The fruit of the discipleship process is witnessed right from one member, a group, congregation and church levels. Here below are some testimonies from different areas of our service.

Church ministry

Sebulime Raymond, a lay reader from Entebbe Parish said “SEAN studies have enabled me to rediscover my leadership skills. I am now a lay reader and SEAN tutor in my own church. SEAN discipleship programme gave me the foundation to my current ministry”.

Prison ministry

Bulasio Mpagi, an inmate of Buwanbo prison in Wakiso district said “It is special see SEAN studies available for us within prisons. The Life to the Full course enabled me rediscover my Christian roots within Prison, something I couldn’t expect before going to prison".

Island ministry

Fredrick Lugoloobi, a SEAN tutor from Buyange and Serinya Islands in Ssese islands, was encouraged because of the simplicity of the materials and how the setting of the courses reinforces learning. He said “the repeated ideas within the home study books make it easy for each participant to have their say on the topic of study while also encouraging bonding within the groups".

Refugee camp ministry.

Pastor Moses from Rhino-camp Refugee settlement recently said “SEAN is what we need in our refugee camp churches. Congregations will be enabled to participate with their pastors in reading, preaching and other ministries of the church after being exposed to SEAN programmed learning. We pray this happens soon after Covid-19".

Samuel Kiyaga a lay reader in Namirembe diocese, Gayaza parish said that SEAN Bible studies became the glue that bound church members of different generations as they learnt to walk and work together through the SEAN discussion groups. These studies have fostered unity in the Church.