SEAN for Refugee Camps in Uganda

Uganda has been a home for many African refugees, especially from her neighboring countries. Wars and political disturbances in those countries have always led to an influx of refugees in Uganda. Today, Uganda hosts refugees from countries like: Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Burundi, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Other refugees are displaced by natural calamities in Uganda and from other countries.

Because of the obligation to come to the social needs of these refugee people, the Uganda government, working with international bodies, established Refugee camps for the displaced people. There are over 8 refugee camps in different parts of Uganda, each hosting no less than 1000 refugees of different nationalities, including needy women and children. The government of Uganda has since allowed for religious tolerance in these camps. In that regard, some temporary churches have been established to support the spiritual needs of these brethren, on top of the much social support, these friends receive from the government of Uganda.

Photograph of students in the Arua Refugee Camp

Students from the Arua Refugee Camp

However, there remains a huge discipleship gap among the established refugee congregations. Men, women and children lack a deliberate discipleship programme to enable them to establish themselves well as believers, though being refugees. This has been evidenced by the large call for spiritual discipleship support through SEAN discipleship, particularly in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement and Imvepi Refugee Settlement, to partner with the voluntary church leaders in the camps to set up the SEAN discipleship ministry.

After a baseline survey and sharing the SEAN discipleship vision first with the leaders in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, SEAN Uganda has organized to launch its Refugee discipleship ministry in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in March 2020.  Fifty pastors are scheduled to attend from over 30 churches that have been establishes in the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement. When resources allow, we intend to reach out to other camps as the Lord will lead. Other camps where SEAN ministry has been invited include Imvepi also found in Arua district (West-Nile region) and Kyangwali in Hoima district. We shall wait on God before taking the first steps.