The Programme

How SEAN courses work

As SEAN students study at home and serve in the local church, they grow and mature in their faith as well as discover and develop their gifts; thus, they are able to exercise a more effective ministry both in the Church and the community.

The courses are based on well established educational techniques and are open to all. Those who have difficulties reading or writing can work with another student to help them.

A typical SEAN course contains about 10 weekly units or lessons, each with two basic elements:

1. Home Study

The home study is completed by the student at home prior to the group meeting. Interacting with their Bible and the study text, the student fills out the answers to the questions raised. The deceptively simple style and easily answered repetition is, in fact, carefully graded reinforcement of basic doctrines and facts.

2. Group Meeting

The group meeting is led by a trained tutor who uses the leaders guide to build further on the home study making full use of small group dynamics that leads to practical and personal application of the truths learned. The group leader or tutor follows carefully set out goals and instruction for the meeting to ensure the concepts covered are fully grasped.

How to set up a SEAN programme in your local context

In the first instance Daniel is available through phone or email. Please see the Contact us tab.

You will have a visit by Daniel to discuss the application of the SEAN programme to best suit your requirements. He will arrange to visit your Church and present the programme guidelines, how SEAN is used most effectively, objectives and long-term goals. He will then (or on a second visit) lead selective potential tutors through a TEE tutor training workshop. SEAN Uganda TEE will print the course materials and deliver them to you. Daniel will be on hand through phone, email or Skype to assist you and, on a further return visit, will help to evaluate the outcomes.

SEAN courses and materials

SEAN offers three types of discipleship and training courses:

Pre-Foundation (or nurture courses)

These are primarily for new Christians or for those who need to consolidate the foundation of their faith and their grasp of the Bible.

Foundation (or discipleship) courses

These form the central core of teaching for ongoing discipleship and leadership training.

Special Training Courses

These build on the foundation courses and add further teaching in specific areas.